Bella2Bello K3 White Intelligent Neck Massager (White) 10368


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K3 Intelligent Wireless Neck Massager

The K3 Intelligent 4 Point Fit Neck Massager adjusts with the human body’s cervical physiological curvature. It uses low-frequency pulse, infrared light heating, U-shaped ergonomic design, and 3D intelligent bonding technology to form a composite energy field. It fits the neck in all directions and is extremely comfortable to wear. It provides a healthy and comfortable therapy for the cervical spine by maintaining the correct physiological position. Its lightweight portable design allows you to enjoy a relaxing massage anytime, anywhere.

Infrared Light Heating

Around 107.3 F Constant Temperature forMuscle Tension Relaxation.

4 Point Fit & Ergonomic Design

  • Fits the neck in all directions;
  • Comfortable to wear and more satisfying;
  • Ergonomic Design conforms to the curve of the human neck.

Key Features

  • Pulse Massage: 5 Pulse Modes including Tapping, Scraping, Acupuncture, Kneading, and Free Combination
  • 16 Levels of Intensity Adjustment: (1) Comfortable Levels 1-5 for neck relaxation; (2) Moderate Levels 6-10 for relieving soreness; (3) Stimulus Levels 11-16 for deep massage
  • Working Time Duration: 15 minutes timer
  • Quick Charging, Ultra-long Run Time: 1.5 Hours Charge & 1200mAh Lithium Battery


  • Dimensions: 142x145x45mm/5.59”x5.7”x1.77”
  • Weight: 0.13kg/0.3lbs


  • 4 Point Fit & Ergonomic Design: Fit the neck in all directions, comfortable to wear and more satisfying; Ergonomic Design conforms to the curve of the human neck.
  • Infrared Light Heating: Around 107.3 degrees Constant Temperature for Muscle Tension Relaxation
  • Heating Temperance: From 100.4 degreesto 107.3 degrees
  • Light Weight Design: Small and light, convenient and easy to carry
  • Product Details: Stainless steel electorate sheet, 3D Circular elastic arm, and Micro-Surface Design
  • Size: 5.59x 5.7 x 1.77
  • Accessories: USB-C Charging Port Convenient and Quick Charging
  • ABS+Stainless+silica gel
  • Lithium battery 3.7V 1200 mAh
  • Rated Power 2W
  • Input USB 5V
  • Type-C Charge

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